About Us - Chirag Enterprises
In Chirag Enterprises, we are primarily doing the surface treatment process known as CED Coating. CED Coating basically means Cathodic Electro Deposited Coating. The characteristic of this process is that colloidal particles suspended in a liquid medium migrates under the influence of electric field and are deposited onto an electrode.
This Process is Industrially used for applying surface coating to metal fabricated products. CED Coating has many advantages over ordinary Nickle Chrome Plating or Black oxide treatment. CED Coating shows a Uniform coating thickness without porosity. Complex fabricated objects can easily be coated both inside cavities and on the outside surface. It shows a relatively High speed of coating. They are relatively more Environment friendly. The process is normally Automated and so it shows less human labour errors.
We also carry out wheel assembly of luggages like Falcon Wheel Assembly, Jaguar Wheel Assembly and Velocity Wheel Assembly. Though its a new venture on our side we have mastered the art in these fields to give quality as well as quantity to our esteemed Customers.